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March 1, 2021, 12:19 am


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What's Happening at Carter

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Utah has one of the best economies in the nation and appears set to continue the economic expansion. Read Gov. John Huntsman report on the state of Utah's economy (.pdf).
While the national media preaches gloom and doom for the housing market, Utah's housing market is strong and stable. Get the facts from the people who know. (.pdf)
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Overdue for a Bonus?
For a limited time, Carter is rewarding our customers for building with Carter Construction. It’s about time you cash in on this economy! Choose from six different programs, each rewarding you for choosing to build with Carter Construction. Which program do you qualify for?

Pick a Perk

Participating in the Carter Construction Pick-A-Perk Program allows you to select one of the following items valued at $1,000!
Pick-a-Perk ProgramCall Carter for further details.

Builder Bonus

Participating in The Carter Construction Smart Buy Program allows you to select one of the following Builder Bonus items valued at $5,000:

  • - Home Theater
  • - Finished Upgrades
  • - Closing Costs
Equity Builder

Call Carter for further details.

Trade Program

Call Carter for further details.

Inventory Program

Call Carter for further details.